I appreciate you visiting my site. I just want you to know that there is absolutely nothing more important than your salvation. Tomorrow is promised to NOBODY. Please remember that. Click here if you are ready to change. close ×


Appreciate you visiting the site! ¬†BTW, if you went to “moodygotbeats.com”, don’t worry – you are at the right spot. ¬†You can read a little about myself here. You can also check out my beats here. Bottom line, I want to make impact Kingdom music with people who share the same desire. This is so much bigger than money and fame. ¬†Took me awhile to figure that out. Anyway, really appreciate the visit. ¬†Enjoy the site and hit me up when you hear something that you like!

In Christ,

Beat Adviser

Created a custom tool to help you select the best track based on a few variables. ¬†How it works is simple. ¬There are¬†5 categories that you can define: Emotion Sounds Intent Tempo Genre Based...... Read more

Mixtape Submissions

“Sons of Thunder” I’m putting a mixtape together called “Sons of Thunder” (name my change). The idea behind it is simple: To BOAST on YHWH. ¬†No street stories or... Read more

They Don’t Mix

Have you ever poured oil into water? If so, you will notice that they don’t mix. ¬†The same can be said for Christians artists and secular producers (and vice versa.) I’ve long maintained... Read more

Mixing Life

I did a series of audio blogs in 2013 and this is one blog that survived “my purge” on SoundCloud. ¬†I talk about how mixing music is very similar to righteous living.   Read more

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